Trick Drums Sb1 Laser Trigger Double SB1RG2

Trick Drums Sb1 Laser Trigger Double P1v & BigfootTrick Drums Sb1 Laser Trigger Double P1v & Bigfoot
The SB-1 Laser Kick Drum Trigger System from Trick Drums was developed after years of hearing concerns on triggering from some of the fastest, heaviest drummers on the planet. Trick set out to not only make an accurate trigger, but also a trigger that would work in any conditions without flaw. The goal of the SB-1 was make it compatible with any format of drum brain* and with any configuration of drums be it single or double.The SB1 Foot Switch is the nerve center of the operation. This unit powers the laser housings, collects all of the data from the triggers, and sends it all out to the drum brain. This is also the switch for Ludicrous Speed – a feature that detects both forward momentum as well as backwards momentum allowing for a double trigger. There are 2, 1/4 inch outputs for the brain, these can be put into a cable and combined if your brain only supports one input. There are 2, 5 pin cable inputs that go to the triggers. These are not MIDI cable and any attempt to plug them into midi devices can cause component damage.The trigger housing has a simple single point screw to tighten them to the pedal and a 5 pin cable port to connect to the foot switch. This housing is home to the SB1 Laser Board. This board parses all of the data recorded by the laser and of course houses the laser eye that reads the pedal movement.The FIN is the only adjustable part on this setup. The fins, Dominator on the left and Pro1V on the right, is the component that the laser uses to calculate the movement and the point of trigger. These are just modified beater rings and still allows for beater ring angle adjustment without compromising the laser functionality.Like everything else at Trick, this setup is made of high-quality materials and designed, assembled, and tested in the United States.The SB1 is currently available for the Trick pedals only and is compatible with all versions of the Trick Pro 1-V, Bigfoot and Dominator.Flawless sensory laserState-of-the-art circtuitryFeaturing semi-transparent durable delrin faceBrushed steel designMatte black powder-coated exteriorSolid aluminum housing w/laser etchingLED backlit-powered logoLudicrous speed toggle switch
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