Theo Wanne Shiva Gold-Plated Tenor SHI-TG8S

Theo Wanne Shiva Gold-Plated Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Size 8* .115Theo Wanne Shiva Gold-Plated Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece Size 8* .115
The SHIVA is designed for players desiring a sound with a lot of edge, but that maintains a huge core that is rich in harmonics.Inspired by the popular MANTRA mouthpiece, the SHIVA takes the MANTRA’s innovative design and brings it to those players that are accustomed to a Guardala, Dukoff or Berg Larsen style of mouthpiece.It has a combination roll-over and step baffle, leading to Theo Wanne’s proprietary shark-gill chamber. These features give the mouthpiece a rich, full sound with plenty of edge and projection, making it ideally suited for Rock n’ Roll, R&B or any situation where the player may require some extra carrying power.Like all Theo Wanne products, the SHIVA is made using state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies and tools, ensuring your receive the most consistent, high-quality mouthpieces available today.Included with the SHIVA, is the built-in Liberty Ligature, which is adjustable to five separate locations on the mouthpiece for varying types of response. Two interchangeable pressure plates are also included, along with all of the necessary tools and a leather carrying case.Bold and present soundGold-plated for comfort and feelBuilt-in ligatureTools and case included
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