Tc Electronic Rs212 2X12 Vertical 991000002

Tc Electronic Rs212 2X12 Vertical Stacking Bass CabinetTc Electronic Rs212 2X12 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet
Use the TC Electronic RS212 Vertical Stacking Bass Cabinet to upgrade your onstage sound. One of Its 2- 12 custom Eminence drivers has a centered or coaxially placed tweeter with attenuation control. By positioning a single speaker on its end so that the speaker with the tweeter is on top, or by stacking two RS 212 bass cabs vertically, you get both accentuated bass from contact with the floor, and tonal clarity by having the woofer/tweeter combo speaker closer to ear level. The RS 212 bass speaker cabinet’s road-worthy enclosure is made of 18mm side panels with rounded hardwood corners. Anti-skid, anti-scratch finish. Large, recessed handles. Strong steel grille.Custom Eminence driversRugged design and Anti-scratch finishanti-skid surface treatment to help cabinets stick together when stackedStacks vertically with other RS cabs to overcome limitations of a single 4×12
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