Supro Jamesport Electric Guitar Antique 2010AW-U

Supro Jamesport Electric Guitar Antique WhiteSupro Jamesport Electric Guitar Antique White
The Jamesport is a 21st-century update of the Supro electric solid-body guitar. The elegant comfort of the 1960s-era beveled-edge Ozark body shape and the mighty sound of the original field-coil pickup have been enhanced with an ultra-fast satin neck, Tune-o-matic bridge and updated wave tailpiece. The result is a modern players instrument with old-school style and authentic Supro tone. The unique, Gold Foil pickup found in the Supro Jamesport is faithful reproduction of the original magnetics developed for Valco by Ralph Keller in the early 1950s. These pickups, which gave voice to the vintage Chicago-made Supro guitars, have a massive, broadband sound with remarkably low noise for a single-coil design. The humbucker-sized version of the Supro Gold Foil pickup used in the Jamesport is slightly overwound and located right at the harmonic sweet spot, as seen on the original Supro Ozark. The time-tested tone wood recipe of an alder body paired with a 25.5 in.-scale maple neck and rosewood fretboard combine with the Jamesports vintage-correct pickup to produce an exceptionally dynamic playing experience. Blending vintage American tone with refined set-neck design, the Supro Jamesport is intended for the professional musician who needs an ergonomic and versatile guitar capable of handling most genres of music with authority. While the Jamesport is a single-pickup guitar, it can cover a wide range of tones from twang to blues, funk, rock and jazz by manipulating the on-board tone control.The Jamesport guitar and its relatives in the Island Series represent the rebirth of the Supro brand as a stringed instrument manufacturer. The Supro Island Series of guitars was designed by David Koltai and Glenn Sweetwood, with technical assistance from master designer Trevor Wilkinson and vintage pickup expert Ken Calvet. Case sold separately.Vintage Supro Ozark body designAntique WhiteSet neck with black satin finishVintage Gold Foil pickup’50s-wiring volume and tone controlsWave tailpiece  Al’der bodyMaple neck25.5 in. scale Dot inlays6100 frets 12 in. radius fretboardCorian nutCase sold separately
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