Shure Glx-D Wireless Vocal System With GLXD14/93-Z2

Shure Glx-D Wireless Vocal System With Wl93 Lavalier Mic Z2Shure Glx-D Wireless Vocal System With Wl93 Lavalier Mic Z2
GLXD1The bodypack transmitter in the GLX line is built like a tank. A very small, very sophisticated tank. It features a tactile on and off switch, locking TQG connection for use with Shure lavalier, headset, earset, and instrument microphones and guitar cables, and a reversible belt clip. It comes with one SB902 lithium-ion battery.GLXD4This tabletop digital wireless receiver and has numerous features previously unavailable in this price range including a remotely adjustable gain control for the associated transmitter, one touch frequency selection and real-time battery run-time. Lightweight and durable, it is designed to withstand the rigors of travel and multiple set-ups and tear-downs.WL93Model WL93 Microphones are economical omnidirectional, subminiature, lavalier, condenser microphones designed for general speech applications where a visually unobtrusive microphone is desirable.All WL93 models are supplied with a mounting block with attached tie bar, a sew-on mounting bracket, and an acoustic windscreen to minimize wind noise in outdoor applications.All WL93 models include a cable terminated with a 4-pin mini connector which connects directly to a Shure wireless body-pack transmitter.ReceiverProprietary Automatic Frequency Management – Intelligent frequency management quickly identifies the best open channels.Operate up to 4 compatible systems in typical setting, up to 8 maximum under ideal conditionsHigh-resolution LCD screenReal-time battery run-time displayed in hours and minutes (accurate within +/- 15 minutes)Remote adjustable transmitter gain controlIntegrated battery charge port for proprietary Shure lithium-ion transmitter batteriesXLR and Ã?¼ output connectorsLightweight, durable constructionTransmitterAutomatically links with GLX-D wireless receivers for seamless frequency changing and any necessary gain adjustmentUp to 16 hours of continuous use with Shure proprietary lithium ion rechargeable batteriesMultiple USB charging optionsIndoors:  Up to 100 feet (30m) typical, with a maximum of 200 feet (60m)Outdoors:  Up to 65 feet (20m) typical, with a maximum of 165 feet (50m) under ideal conditionsLightweight and rugged construction (GLXD2)All-metal construction (GLXD1 only)Two-color transmitter status indicator LED
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