Sennheiser Mmk 965-1 E965 Wireless 502582

Sennheiser Mmk 965-1 E965 Wireless Microphone Capsule BlackSennheiser Mmk 965-1 E965 Wireless Microphone Capsule Black
The Sennheiser MMK 965-1 e965 Wireless Microphone Capsule is the ultimate condenser upgrade for any Sennheiser G3 handheld microphone. The MMK 965-1 brings the capsule component of Sennheiser’s wired e 965 microphone to the G3 SKM handheld wireless transmitters. The MMK 965-1 comes standard with the Sennheiser SKM500965G3 transmitter. This upgraded microphone capsule provides the finest true-condenser technology for evolution wireless G3 systems. With switchable patterns (cardioid/supercardioid), a 1 large diaphragm true condenser capsule, and a low-cut rolloff, thie Sennheiser MMK 965-1 microphone brings the sonics normally associated with studio quality microphones to the wireless realm. Sennheiser builds each 965 capsule by hand in Germany. Each capsule is constructed in a clean room-just like the rooms where heart catheters are built-to avoid any contamination of the delicate capsule. After each Sennheiser 965 is created, it is individually tested in a sound-proof chamber to ensure that it meets or exceeds published specifications. Due to the unique G3 capsule design, users can change capsules on any Sennheiser G3 handheld microphone in mere seconds-without tools.Switchable patterns (cardioid/supercardioid)1 large diaphragm true condenser capsuleLow-cut roll offHand made in Germanh
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