Seagull Coastline Series Dreadnought Qi 29549

Seagull Coastline Series Dreadnought Qi Acoustic-Electric Guitar NaturalSeagull Coastline Series Dreadnought Qi Acoustic-Electric Guitar Natural
The guitars that make up the Seagull Coastline series represent one of the world’s outstanding values in acoustic guitars. The back and sides of the Coastline series models are made from a three-layer lamination of wild cherry wood. With a sound that lands somewhere between the mellow tone of a mahogany guitar and the bright sound of maple, wild cherry has proven itself to be an excellent tone wood. Grown locally, wild cherry is also an ecologically friendly choice. Coastline series guitars feature very smooth necks made from Silver Leaf Maple.The Godin EPM Quantum acoustic guitar system is simple in design and outstanding in performance. This single source system features an exceptionally responsive saddle transducer carefully matched to side mount electronics with rotary volume, bass, and treble controls. The electronics and controls are packaged in a small and easy to use format complemented with a finely crafted pewter cover plate. In combination with the transducer, the EQ control range and frequency content have been specifically contoured to provide a very rich and full sound reproduction resulting in performance seen only in far more complex systems.DreadnoughtTop: SpruceBack: Wild Cherry laminateSides: Wild Cherry laminateNeck: Silver Leaf MapleFretboard: Rosewood, 21 fretsBody: DreadnoughtFinish: NaturalNut: 1.8Upper Bout: 11.38Lower Bout: 15.87Waist: 10.54Body Length: 19.8Body Depth: 4.9Electonics: Seagull QIHandcrafted in LaPatrie, Qu’bec CanadaQuantum ElectronicsSingle source Saddle TransducerRotary Volume, Bass, and Treble controlsSimple formatOutstanding performanceFinely crafted pewter cover plateShielded metal enclosure200 hours typical battery life
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