Roland Aira System-1 Plug-Out SYSTEM-1

Roland Aira System-1 Plug-Out SynthesizerRoland Aira System-1 Plug-Out Synthesizer
The SYSTEM-1 is a culmination of Roland’s SYSTEM 100 and now almost mythical SYSTEM 700 synthesizers. Born in the ’70s, these modular and semi-modular synthesizers are heralded to this day for their flexibility and character of sound. Over the years these two legendary instruments have been used by some of the most forward-thinking artists and recorded onto countless classic tracks, an iconic sound from decades ago.Modern VintageMeet the SYSTEM-1, a synthesizer probably unlike any you’ve encountered before. Like its predecessors, the SYSTEM-1 breaks new ground with remarkable flexibility and access to a vast palette of synthesized sounds with the bold and unmistakable character associated with Roland synthesizers for nearly four decades.At the heart of the SYSTEM-1’s sound is Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior technology (ACB) which was used to carefully analyze every aspect of the original instruments analog circuits and then faithfully recreate them down to the finest details. This technology fills the SYSTEM-1 with a fusion of beautifully classic and utterly modern synthesizer tones.There’s moreThe SYSTEM-1 can control and even host software recreations of classic Roland synthesizers. That’s right. The SYSTEM-1 can control plug-in versions of now legendary Roland synths, and those same plugins can be hosted in the SYSTEM-1 itself – with no computer required. You can even switch between the SYSTEM-1’s internal sounds and those of the hosted plug-in. Roland call this exciting wizardry Plug-Out.You’ll be excited too once you experience the authenticity of the SH-101 softsynth, with the SYSTEM-1 providing an intuitive and fully automatic one-to-one control interface that just works. Let’s be honest. Who could make a better plug-in version of a classic Roland synth than Roland? And the SH-101 is just the beginning.The SYSTEM-1 not only sounds amazing, but it also has a totallFour oscillators for buckets of fat synth tonesOscillator colors create continuous waveform changes from simple to complexAll parameters can be controlled with physical knobs and sliders with LED indicatorsAdvanced Arpeggiator with SCATTERSCATTER jog dial offers 10 different phrase variationsVariety of modulation functions including ring modulation, cross modulation and oscillator syncFilter types vary between -12dB and -24dB and include independent high pass filtersTone knob for easy tonal balancingCrusher knob for modern edgeIntegrated Delay and Reverb effect unitsTempo syncing for LFO and DelayInnovative thin keyboard with 25 normal sized keys that areComfortable to play and extremely compactIntegrates seamlessly with other AIRA series products
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