Presonus Sceptre S6 – 2-Way 6.5 Coaxial S6

Presonus Sceptre S6 - 2-Way 6.5 Coaxial Nearfield Studio Monitor With Dsp ProcessingPresonus Sceptre S6 – 2-Way 6.5 Coaxial Nearfield Studio Monitor With Dsp Processing
The PreSonus Sceptre CoActual high-definition studio monitor takes its name from an age-old symbol of royal authority. This 2-way studio monitor will help you to discover the fine nuances of your music that can not be reproduced by conventional desings. The Sceptre’s panoramic soundstage, fine detail, and stunning dynamics will astonish you. This exceptional performance is the result of an advanced coaxial design that works integrally with a 32-bit processor running Fulcrum Acoustic’s TQ Temporal Equalization Technology.PreSonus CoActual technology-the core of every Sceptre-series studio monitor-is the combination of custom transducers in a state-of-the-art coaxial design with heavy-duty DSP running TQ algorithms.The Coaxial ConundrumSpeaker designers have long been aware that coaxial designs offer the advantages of a single point source for a consistent acoustic center and a symmetrical dispersion pattern. But until now, designing coaxial systems without a variety of acoustic anomalies has been extremely expensive. Solving the problems involved in coaxial designs requires massive amounts of DSP and subtle, sophisticated transducer design, which is why such systems have, in the past, been limited to very high-end systems with external processors.However, Fulcrum Acoustic’s amazing, cutting-edge technology has allowed PreSonus to overcome the usual design problems of coaxial systems while taking advantage of coaxial’s unique properties. Thanks to custom transducers and TQ algorithms designed by Fulcrum’s Dave Gunness, Sceptre CoActual monitors deliver clarity and coherence that has previously only been available in ultra-high-end systems.The Royal SceptreThe Sceptre series includes two models. The Sceptre S8 CoActual Studio Monitor combines an 8-inch low/mid-frequency driver and a 1-inch (25 mm), horn-loaded, high-frequency transducer into a single coaxial unit with aligned voice coilCoActual technology combines DSP time-correction and point-source design for symmetrical soundstage and micro-definition imagingUnique coaxial transducer integrates 6.5 midrange driver and 1-inch HF transducer with Coaxial Speaker Coherence AlignmentPowerl DSP provides critical Temporal Equalization with multiple FIR filters180W RMS, Class D biamplification with internal heat sinkRF shielding, current-output limiting, and over-temperature protectionBalanced XLR and Ã?¼-inch TRS line-level inputs with A-taper level controlAmplifier soft start feature eliminates popping on power-up102 dB maximum continuous SPLInternal power supply with IEC connectorPower switch with on/off LED
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