Pioneer Rmx-1000 Remix Station RMX-1000

Pioneer Rmx-1000 Remix Station BlackPioneer Rmx-1000 Remix Station Black
The RMX-1000 is a powerful, compact and portable remix station that encourages DJs to take their performance to the next level of creativity. Get intuitive control of your music, with built-in effects, build-ups, breakdowns, rhythm and timbre changes, and a touchpad section that lets you add your own parts to the music. Four sections of the device are arranged with easy-to-control knobs and buttons that control multiple effect parameters. By combining the effects from each section, wider arrangements with greater individuality can be performed with ease.SCENE FXIn the SCENE FX section, users can choose between five BUILD UP effects and five BREAK DOWN effects. The BUILD UP effects, consisting of BPF ECHO, ECHO, NOISE, SPIRAL UP and REVERB UP, add sounds, while BREAK DOWN effects, consisting of HPF ECHO, LPF ECHO, CRUSH ECHO, SPIRAL DOWN and REVERB DOWN, cut sounds. A large knob increases or decreases the parameter of effects chosen by simply turning the knob. Two sub-parameters knobs are also available for additional changes to the effects being produced.ISOLATE FXThe ISOLATE FX section, consisting of three individual knobs, processes the low, mid and high frequency bands of the music passing through. The section is loaded with three effects in addition to an Isolator, providing rhythm patterns, timbre, etc., letting users freely modify the output for the HI/MID/LOW frequency bands. In addition to the Isolator, three additional effects in the section are available including CUT/ADD, TRANS/ROLL and GATE/DRIVE.X-PAD FXThe device features a touchpad section called the X-PAD FX that enables users to develop and add new sounds not found in the original music. In addition to its four built-in effects, KICK, SNARE, CLAP and HI HAT, other sound effects edited in Pioneer’s remixbox software can be inserted using an SD card (not included) during DJ play.RELEASE FXThe system also includes a RELEASE FX leverRemix your favorite songs live on the fly for new creative ideasExcellent sound quality, with professional-quality effectsQUANTIZE function enables real-time music analysis and effects syncNew AUTO BPM function automatically measures and follows the song’s tempoCompact design for easy portability and convenienceUSB-MIDI for use as a MIDI controllerControl VST effects on your computer
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