Pintech Pdk1000 Electronic Drum Kit PDK1000 KIT

Pintech Pdk1000 Electronic Drum Kit Silver VeinPintech Pdk1000 Electronic Drum Kit Silver Vein
The Pintech PDK1000 features heavy-duty ConcertCast series mesh pads for a natural feel, that give you incredible sensitivity and response. The ConcertCast series mesh pads feature a hollow-bottom design that allows for optimum noise reduction. Made out of aluminum and titanium shells with real metal hardware, these drums are made to last.Pintechs PDK1000 drum pads are also 100% tune-able. Looking to reduce or increase your rebound on each pad? Simply grab your drum key and tune it to your liking. Looking for increased sensitivity on an individual pad? These pads feature a knob on the shell that allows you to turn the sensitivity up or down with a quick twist.The included Pintech PDM1 module is loaded with 335 voices, 30 kits (20 preset, 10 user), 60 preset songs and much more. The PDM1 has many tuning features: Individually change the sensitivity, threshold/reject, pitch, volume, tempo, add a reverb effect for a live atmosphere and more. The PDM1 module also has a MIDI Out port to enable you to connect your drum kit straight into your computer. From there, you can run software that will interact with the PDK1000 drum kit.Engineered with the every drummer in mind, the PDK1000 is a great combination of a versatile kit with a budget in mind. Affordable and simple to use, Pintech’s newest electronic drum kit is built for live performances, live recording, teaching, practice and more!Configuration:1 – Pintech EZv2 module3 – 8 Single-zone ConcertCast mesh pads1 – 10 Single-zone ConcertCast mesh pad1 – 14 TC Series single-zone cymbal2 – 10 TC Series single-zone cymbas1 – GIG KD mesh kickpad1 – All-metal GIG hi-hat pedal1 – EZv2 drum module/brain1 – 3000 Series rack with all necessary clamps, cymbal arms, cables and hardware
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