Phonic Powerpod 820 With 15 S715 Mains Powerpod 820/S715 Package

Phonic Powerpod 820 With 15 S715 Mains And Monitors PackagePhonic Powerpod 820 With 15 S715 Mains And Monitors Package
We’ve taken the guesswork out of setting up your own personal PA system and put together a package with everything a band, presenter or house of worship may need for their next event with a much lower price tag than buying everything a la carte. Included in this live sound package is a Phonic Powerpod 820 12-input powered mixer, a pair of Phonic S715 15 PA speakers, a pair of KPC10M 10 monitors, two Gear One MV1000 handheld vocal microphones and all of the accessories you’ll need to get set up. This is a great bundle for smaller to medium-sized events and venues.Phonic Powerpod 820 Powered MixerThe Phonic Powerpod 820 is a 200W (@ 4 ohms), 12-input powered mixer with two paired stereo inputs and four mono mic/line channels each with individual phantom power. The ultralow-noise preamps and 75Hz (18dB/oct.) low-cut filters ensure high-fidelity sound and elimination of unwanted sounds like stage rumble, P-pops, wind noise, and low frequency recording studio room resonance. The audio mixer has a 3-band EQ on every channel and onboard DFX, our 32-bit digital effects processor, with 16 preset programs and parameter control give you mastery over your mix.Phonic S715 15 PA SpeakerThe 15 Phonic S715 2-way stage speaker offers power handling ability of up to 400W on program, and 600W peak power. The S715 PA cabinet houses a 15 heavy-duty woofer with a piezo tweeter. This Phonic speaker partners well with Phonic’s Powerpod 740 Deluxe, Powerpod 1060 Deluxe, and Powerpod 1062 Deluxe, as well as the more powerful Powerpod 1860 Deluxe, for their capability to handle more power. Phonic includes a built-in handle and a 35mm stand adapter as well as dual 1/4 phone jacks with the S715 speaker.Kustom KPC10MP 10 Active MonitorThe Kustom KPC10MP is a 50-watt powered monitor speaker with an angled wedge design, a 10′ Kustom-built loudspeaker and a piezo HF driver. It is tuned to deliverPhonic Powerpod 820 Powered MixerTwo Phonic S715 15 2-Way PA SpeakersTwo Kustom KPC10M 10 MonitorsTwo M4000S Handheld Dynamic MicrophonesFour 25′ Speaker CablesTwo 20′ XLR Microphone CablesTwo Tripod Mic Stands with Fixed BoomTwo All-Steel Tripod Speaker Stands
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