Pearl Vision Birch Lacquer 5-Piece New VBL925P/B235-OLD

Pearl Vision Birch Lacquer 5-Piece New Fusion Shell Pack Concord FadePearl Vision Birch Lacquer 5-Piece New Fusion Shell Pack Concord Fade
Pearl Vision Series drums represent Pearl’s continued commitment to delivering more professional features while maintaining an affordable price. This is Pearl’s most affordable 100% Birch drum set. Birch has long been recognized for its focused, naturally EQ’d sound, ideal for both stage and studio. This configuration features a 22 x 18 kick drum, 14 x 5-1/2 chrome snareLike all Pearl drums, these 6-ply, 7.5mm tom and kick shells feature the SST construction process which includes extreme heat, precision-cut scarf joints, proprietary Acoustiglue and over 1000 lb. of hydraulic pressure. Vision Birch comes standard with professional 2-ply heads.This shell pack features 2 very different shell thicknesses: 6 plies on rack toms and 8 plies on kick drums and floor toms, for an incredibly balanced sound. Lower frequencies require greater energy to project equally to match the higher frequencies produced by smaller drums. Vision’s unique 6/8-ply technology makes this possible.Cymbals and hardware sold separately.Birch/basswood shells6-ply 7.5mm toms8-ply 10mm kick and floor tomWood kick drum hoops with matching finish2-ply tom batter headsPerimeter EQ kick drum heads with 3-1/2-wide ringsReference-look recessed kick drum claws with rubber liningBridge-type bass bracketUni-Lock tom holdersI.S.S. tom mounting system
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