Pearl Tru Trac Electronic Head EPAD25S

Pearl Tru Trac Electronic Head PackPearl Tru Trac Electronic Head Pack
Plug in to a world of endless possibilities with the Tru Trac EPAD-25S acoustic to electronic conversion pack. The Tru Trac Pack includes everything you need to convert your acoustic kit into a professional electronic kit without drilling your prized drums. Tru-Trac is available in two complete performance packs or purchase individual components separately to custom build your perfect setup. They work perfectly with Pearl’s amazing controller, or plug into the interface or controller of your choice for a truly electric performance.Since its introduction, Pearl’s ePro Live has redefined how electronic drum sets should look, sound, and, more importantly, how they should feel. The secret of the ePro’s feel is its Tru Trac Electronic Drum Heads that have the same size and response as real heads which allows drummers to transition from acoustic to electronic drums with absolutely no alteration to their playing style. The Tru Trac Electronic Bass Drumhead is mounted to a real drum head and has the same give and feel of a real bass drum. With Tru Trac Electronic Drum Heads, the feel is just like playing real drums; no more playing on those small size pads.Pearl’s Tru Trac Electronic Drum Heads are available in pre-packs and individual components so you can convert your own acoustic kit into an electronic kit. Both pre-packs include (5) No Drill Adapters and all necessary parts and tools to complete your kit’s conversion from acoustic to electronic.TTP-B Bass Tru Trac Electronic DrumHeadTTB-10 10 Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHeadTTP-12 12 Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHeadTTP-16 16 Tom Tru Trac Electronic DrumHeadTTP-14 14 Snare Tru Trac Electronic DrumHeadNDA-1 Non-Drill Adapter (x 5)CH1JB 16 TRS CableDZC15 15 Long Cable52MM Tension Rods (x30)63MM Tension Rods (x30)NP485 Velcro Tape (x10)BDMTP Hole Position TemplatePDPTP Paper RulerHPC6 Hole PunchBDC Foam Bass Drum Cushion
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