Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats CY0004006414

Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats  14Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hats 14
A very thick bottom and thin top cymbal make this a full and tight sounding hi-hat. Boasts a warm, pronounced stick sound along with a full, slightly dirty open sound and dark, crisp chick sound. Very responsive feel, very articulate, and versatile.The first series to be made from the patented Paiste Sound Alloy for transparent, delicate, and sensitive tones with potent expression. The ultimate Paiste sound cymbal, they’re perfect for recording and live situations that require precision-tuned instruments.
Drums & Percussion, Cymbals, Hi-Hat Cymbals Paiste 447123.080 CY0004006414
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