Nektar Se49 49-Key Usb Midi Keyboard SE49Kit1-7

Nektar Se49 49-Key Usb Midi Keyboard Controller Packages  Advanced Virtual Instrument PackageNektar Se49 49-Key Usb Midi Keyboard Controller Packages Advanced Virtual Instrument Package
One of the most exciting controller manufacturers these days is Nektar, whose SE49 controller has emerged as a preferred medium format MIDI input device in a variety of contexts. It is presented here in three different formats where it can excel, with three different gradations within those formats. Whether you want to record, control virtual instruments or produce finished music, there is an SE49 package that is right for you.If you wish to control virtual instruments, consider this package (Virtual Instrument Package):Nektar SE49 MIDI Controller (J44130)The Nektar SE49 is a USB keyboard controller with a 49-key, full-size keyboard, pitch bend, modulation wheel and foot switch. Octave buttons are available any time to shift the keyboard up or down -3/+4 octaves with multi-colored LED indicators showing the exact status. Transpose buttons allow you to shift the keyboard +/- 12 semitones and an assignable fader provides control over any MIDI parameter. But there is more to the Impact SE49 than meets the eye.XCHANGE Virtual Instruments Collection (J15043)The Virtual Instrument Collection is the work of 11 of the world’s most innovative music technology companies. It is an outstanding collection of software tools you need to make music quickly and efficiently with top-quality audio results. This collection offers a vast and inspiring array of virtual instruments including analog synths, pianos, drums, sound effects and even cloud storage. Best of all, this collection offers all these tools at an unbelievable, working-musician price.Livewire Essential USB Data Cable (J39179)Standard USB-A to USB-B 2.0 compliant universal serial bus cable. Supports data transfer rates up to 480mbps. Sturdy construction and flexible design. Guaranteed for life.If you wish to record, consider this package (Recording Package):Nektar SE49
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