Motu 828Mk3 Hybrid Firewire Audio 4365

Motu 828Mk3 Hybrid Firewire Audio InterfaceMotu 828Mk3 Hybrid Firewire Audio Interface
As a hybrid audio interface, the 828mk3 provides flexible connectivity to any Mac or PC via FireWire or high-speed USB 2.0, with 10 channels of pristine 192kHz analog recording and playback, combined with sixteen channels of ADAT digital I/O and stereo S/PDIF. Expand your system by connecting additional MOTU audio interfaces or the 8pre mic input expander.Tons of I/OThe 828mk3 is equally well-suited for studio and stage, with or without a computer. As an interface or standalone mixer, the 828mk3 provides 28 separate inputs and 30 separate outputs, including dedicated main outs on XLRs and two front panel headphone outs.On-board digital mixer with effects for monitoring and live mixingConnect all of your studio gear, including microphones, guitars, synths, keyboards, drum machines and even effects processors. Record, monitor, route and process all of these live inputs using the professional on-board CueMix FX digital mixer-with no latency and no processor strain on your computer. Apply hardware DSP-driven compression, EQ, and reverb to every input and output, independent of your host computer. When recording from the mic/guitar inputs, the 828mk3’s signal overload protection gives you an extra 12dB of headroom above zero with no digital clipping or harsh artifacts.Advanced audio analysis toolsAnalyze and scope your audio with advanced diagnostic tools, including a full-screen realtime FFT display, spectrogram waterfall display, full-featured oscilloscope, X-Y plot, and linear/polar phase analysis graphs.Standalone operation as a mixerAfter programming the on-board mixing in the studio, unplug the 828mk3 from the computer and take it on the road for operation as a Standalone mixer with effects. All mixing and effects parameters are adjustable using the front panel backlit LCD.Across-the-board compatibilityThe 8Hybrid FireWire/USB2 connectivity lets you connect to your computer via either bus-powered FireWire or hi-speed USB2CueMix FX – flexible 28 input/16 bus mixer with on-board DSP effects, including reverb with sends/returns, plus EQ and compression on every input and output28 inputs / 30 outputs (at 44.1/48 kHz) – there’s no channel sharing in the 828mk3; the mic inputs, S/PDIF I/O, headphone out and main outs are all handled as separate channelsFront-panel control lets you access any setting in your entire 828mk3 mix directly from the front panelStandalone operation lets you program your mixes at the studio and then bring the 828mk3 to your gig with no computer neededTweak your mix on site using the back-lit LCD and front-panel controlsMultiple CueMix FX mixes – create different monitor mixes for the main outs and headphones, or add send/return loops for outboard gear with no latencyTwo front panel combo jacks provide hi-Z 1/4 guitar input or low-Z XL
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