Marshall Jvmc212 2X12 Guitar Extension M-JVMC212-E

Marshall Jvmc212 2X12 Guitar Extension Cab BlackMarshall Jvmc212 2X12 Guitar Extension Cab Black
The Marshall JVMC212 is a guitar speaker cabinet designed using only the finest materials and constructed with tried and tested techniques. The JVMC212 extension cabinet can output 150W of power through its Marshall/Celestion Vintage and Heritage speakers.The Marshall JVMC212 cab offers you the optimum solution in 2×12 UK-built speaker cabinet quality. The JVMC212 cab is constructed from the finest Baltic birch plywood in the Marshall UK factory and hand covered in traditional and hard wearing elephant grained vinyl covering. The Marshall JVMC cab is loaded with the finest mix of Celestion heritage and vintage speakers that facilitate the depth and tone guitarists search for. This is a 2×12 extension cabinet that feels larger than life in the way only Marshall knows how to do. The Marshall JVMC212 speaker cabinet is suitable for most amp heads.
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