Marshall Dsl15c 15W All-Tube 1X12 M-DSL15C-U

Marshall Dsl15c 15W All-Tube 1X12 Guitar Combo Amp BlackMarshall Dsl15c 15W All-Tube 1X12 Guitar Combo Amp Black
The Marshall DSL 15C 15W tube combo amplifier boasts two 6V6 power tubes and a Celestion 12 speaker. It’s two footswitchable channels – Classic Gain (the DSL100H’s Clean option) and Ultra Gain (the DSL100H’s Lead 2 option) – share the same, four-way EQ network with controls for Treble, Middle, Bass & Presence. A Mid-Shift button reconfigures the mids when activated and a Deep switch adds extra low-end girth if required. The built-in, footswitchable digital reverb is studio quality and a Pentode/Triode switch on the rear panel drops the power to 7.5W.Footswitch included.4-12AX7 and 2-6V6 tubesTwo footswitchable channels – Classic Gain and Ultra GainStudio-quality, digital reverbShared 4-way EQ – Treble, Middle, Bass and PresenceMid-Shift button adds to the amp’s tonal flexibilityDeep button adds a resonant bass boostPentode/Triode switch to drop power down from 15-Watts to 7.5-WattsCelestion G12E-60 speaker15W Footswitch supplied
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