Majestic Concert Black Snare Drum MCS1440AL

Majestic Concert Black Snare Drum Aluminum 14X4Majestic Concert Black Snare Drum Aluminum 14X4
For a great, all-around concert snare drum look no further than the Majestic Concert Series. The 14×6 1/2 maple model exudes fullness and warmth, while the 14×5 maple or the 14×4 deep aluminum models deliver additional attack and a dry resonance. Features a quiet and smooth piston-action throw off which yields great articulation throughout the dynamic spectrum and a well-integrated sound from the edge to the center of the head.Solid die-cast tension hoopsTen tension lugs for optimal head tensionMajestic’s 25-strand steel wire snaresSingle-handle smooth operation snare systemSnare tension adjustment on left and right sidesRemo Renaissance heads on batter and snare sides
Concert Percussion, Concert Drums, Concert Snare Drums Majestic H80458.002.002 MCS1440AL
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