Mackie Srm1550 1200W 15-Inch Portable 204683100

Mackie Srm1550 1200W 15-Inch Portable Powered SubwooferMackie Srm1550 1200W 15-Inch Portable Powered Subwoofer
The SRM series is a live sound legend. If you have SRM350 or SRM450 speakers, the SRM1550 subwoofer is your obvious choice. Even if you have a different system, the SRM1550 is always going to be an excellent choice for extended low frequencies. The all-new 1200W SRM1550 subwoofer is packed with plenty of power and versatility, and they match SRM loudspeakers perfectly. Only Mackie SRM delivers this level of power and sound quality in such an indestructible, portable package.1200W subwoofer 72 lb. Versatility to match SRM loudspeakers perfectly Stereo XLR inputs High-pass and full-range outputs
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