Mackie Ppm608 / C200 Pa PPM608C200

Mackie Ppm608 / C200 Pa PackageMackie Ppm608 / C200 Pa Package
The Mackie PPM608 / C200 PA Package includes the Mackie PPM608 Professional Compact Mixer with 8 mono (4 stereo channels), effects, and graphic EQs; 2 x Mackie C200 Passive 10 PA Speakers; 2 Audio-Technica M4000s dynamic mics; 2 mic cables: and 2 speaker cables. Mackie PPM608 Professional Compact Mixer Ultra-light and completely self-contained, the Mackie PPM608 Professional Powered Mixer features two ridiculously robust power amps for mains and/or monitors (500W + 500W). With 1000 watts of system power, this mixer provides more raw power than the competition. Things can get pretty intense out there and your gear needs to be able keep up the pace. We custom designed the PPM608 with Class-D amps, which run cool and boast maximum efficiency to keep your sound pumping until they start kicking people out. We had to include Mackie’s proven Fast Recovery circuitry, eliminating the risk of pesky amp latching. The result is a distortion free mix even when pushing peak levels. The built-in limiter can go toe-to-toe with the most popular outboard stereo limiters used in live sound today, protecting your speakers from damage. The limiter’s attack and release times are specifically selected to address full-bandwidth music and will not muddy things up by adding any unwanted pumping. PPM mixers are surprisingly lightweight, but tremendously powerful. You can push the PPM608 to its maximum output, distortion free!The Right Tools for the Job Most powered mixers out there have either a limited set of mixing tools-keeping your mix decidedly average-or they cram in a mind-boggling amount of lame effects that you would never use. Every professional carries the right tools for the job, so the PPM608 comes with a great-sounding, highly useable toolkit: Ã?Â?Ã?¢Premium Mackie preamplifiers ensure transparent, low-noise/high-headroom characteristics right at the front of the mixer. The PPM608 offers 8 mic/line channels with trusted M Mackie PPM608 Professional Compact Mixer Full-featured 8-channel, 1000W, ultra-light Professional Powered Mixer with onboard 32-bit digital RMFX+ processor500W + 500W Mackie designed Class-D, Fast Recovery power amplifiers32-bit RMFX+ processor featuring 24 Gig Ready reverbs, choruses, and tap delay for live applications8 premium Mackie mic preamps with 48V phantom power and TRS inserts (ch 1-6)New Dedicated In-line Compression provides increased presence and punch for vocals and instruments2 stereo inputs with dual RCA and dual 1/4-inch line inputs for flexible connectivityMackie’s 3-band active channel EQ (80hz, 2.5kHz, 12kHz)2 built-in DI boxes for direct instrument connectionsSeparate Monitor and FX auxiliary sendsDual 7-Band graphic EQ on the Mains and Monitor outputs for tuning rooms and monitor mixes3-Mode Amplifier for ultra-flexible routing, switchable as Mains Stereo L/R, Mono Mains/Monitor 1, or Mon 1 & Mon
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