Ludwig Hammered Bronze Snare Drum LB552K

Ludwig Hammered Bronze Snare Drum  6.5X14Ludwig Hammered Bronze Snare Drum 6.5X14
This Ludwig Hammered Bronze Snare features a stylish hand-hammered shell and polished exterior. Typically used for cymbal making, bronze is a softer, darker alloy that features a unique sonic blend of metallic snare projection with the warmer tones of a wood drum. The snare is fitted with SupraPhonic snares, classic lugs and triple-flanged hoops. This bronze shell combines subtle color variance with power and projection.Choose 5 x 14 or 6.5 x 14Hand-hammered bronze shellSupraPhonic snaresClassic lugsP-85 throw-off
Drums & Percussion, Acoustic Drums, Snare Drums Ludwig 446398.488 LB552K
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