Lp Prestige Series Bronze Timbales 14 LP1415-BZ

Lp Prestige Series Bronze Timbales 14 In./15 In.Lp Prestige Series Bronze Timbales 14 In./15 In.
LP has completely overhauled materials, hoops, tuning mechanisms, mounting stability, and a myriad of factors affecting the marriage of stick-to-drum. Consequently, the drum shells resonate with authentic cascaras, while LP Prestige Timbale heads yield muted and open tones that rouse a band. Improved rims and rim seating make for rimshots that are easier to play and that project ambient exclamations without harsh clang.LP Prestige Timbales feature top-facing key-adjustable tuning rods for rapid pitch tweaks. LP designers have shifted the position of the shell rib to open up more sticking space and foster brighter cascara tones. Low-mass side plates further free up shell response. When sticks strike heads, there is no choking only the liberation of pleasing overtones. Sustain heightens and the whole drum reacts as one. If that weren’t enough, the center block (between the drums) has been revamped to minimize distracting shell movement and it contains a handy tuning key holder. The timbales’ clamping screw has been recessed, lessening the possibility of collision and, amazingly, reducing torque.Bronze shellsTop-facing-key-adjustable tuning rodsRecessed clamping screwsLow-mass side platesStand included
Drums & Percussion, World Percussion, Timbales LP 581492.693 LP1415-BZ
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