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Line 6 Stagesource L2t Acoustic Guitar Amp / LoudspeakerLine 6 Stagesource L2t Acoustic Guitar Amp / Loudspeaker
Smart Speaker ModesStageSource L2t powered loudspeakers use massive DSP and huge power to deliver studio-quality live sound at every gig. Using six powerful DSP-based Smart Speaker modes, you can optimize the speaker’s output for a variety of performance scenarios including front-of-house PA, floor monitor, personal PA, keyboard backline, acoustic guitar backline, or with a multi-effects guitar processor as a high-performance electric guitar speaker system. An onboard accelerometer and pole-mount sensors automatically detect the speaker’s orientation and set the Smart Speaker mode accordingly.Integrated Multi-Channel Mixer with EffectsThe L2t can function as a self-contained live sound solution. With a full-featured onboard mixer including multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, external mixers and MP3 players, L2t delivers all of the tools you need for great live sound.Fast Networking via L6 LINKIn live sound situations where two or more speakers are needed, StageSource products use a proprietary digital networking protocol called L6 LINK to simplify setup. Loudspeakers will automatically self-configure, pan stereo signals, adjust Smart Speaker modes and perform system-wide optimization. Add StageSource L3s subwoofers to the mix and the system automatically sends them the summed signals and sets the crossovers. When combined, Line 6 live sound products form an intelligent ecosystem that sets up faster and helps you sound your best.Designed to Be DifferentThe 800-watt, two-way, bi-amped speaker system and tour-grade plywood enclosure combine to deliver great power and reliability. The innovative multi-function design makes StageSource L2t perfect for a wide variety of applications-stacked on the floor or stage, pole-mounted, positioned horizontally as a floor monitor, used as instrument backline with Virtual Tilt-back, or flown with the integrated M10 suspensioSmart Speaker Modes for great live sound in any live sound situationMulti-channel mixer with 3-band EQ, Smart Effects and acoustic guitar modelingMulti-function design for true scalabilityL6 LINK digital networking for multi-speaker setups800-watt, 2-way, bi-amped speaker systemMulti-band feedback suppressionOn-board accelerometer and pole-mount sensorsVirtual Tilt-back projects speaker’s output upwards in backline modeTour-grade plywood enclosure with M10 suspension pointsRetractable handle for easy portability
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