Kustom Pa Kpx112pm 12 Powered Monitor KPX112PM Pair

Kustom Pa Kpx112pm 12 Powered Monitor PairKustom Pa Kpx112pm 12 Powered Monitor Pair
The Kustom KPX112PM powered monitor cabinet packs a lot of value into an affordable package. This full-range cab offers fantastic audio quality. A specially voiced crossover maintains clear separation of frequencies for crisp detailed sound reproduction. The cabinet’s 12 woofer delivers punchy low frequencies, while the horn reproduces all the clear high-end tones.The KPX112PM is equipped with two Balanced parallel input jacks (one XLR and one Ã?¼) that accommodate line-level devices (not microphones) as well as a Balanced Line Out (1/4), which allows additional Powered cabinets to be connected. The KPX series has been designed to withstand years of active duty with sturdy metal grilles, stout handles, and a high-quality, heavy-duty finish. The cabs also offer 30-, 60-, and 90-degree positioning, along with a 1-3/8 pole mount insert.Full-range powered monitors12 low-frequency driverTwo balanced parallel inputsBalanced lin outputRugged, sturdy build quality30-, 60-, and 90-degree positioning angles
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