Korg Microkorg Xl+ MICROXLPLUS

Korg Microkorg Xl+ Synthesizer/VocoderKorg Microkorg Xl+ Synthesizer/Vocoder
The Korg MicroKorg is one of the most successful products in keyboards in recent years. In these here today, gone tomorrow times of keyboard products, the MicroKorg series has been in production for more than 10 years, an eternity in modern keyboard manufacturing. The Korg MicroKorg XL+ is the latest version in the series, and uses MMT Multi Modeling Technology from Korg’s newer and more powerful Radias/R3 synthesizers.With its unique exterior and its inimitable sound, the MicroKorg set the standard for analog modeling synthesizers. The year 2008 saw the introduction of the MicroKorg XL, which inherited the MicroKorg ‘s fat and powerful sounds, while adding keyboard staples such as electric piano and CX-3 organ. And now, in the next evolutionary step, the MicroKorg XL+ delivers a fresh update to the sounds and look of the MicroKorg XL, making it an ideal compact keyboard.Lush analog modeled synthesizer sounds that are characteristic of the MicroKorg have been freshly added to the MicroKorg XL+. In addition, for band use, the MicroKorg XL+ comes equipped with the piano sound from Korg’s classic stage piano, the SGproX (famous for its ability to stand out in your band’s mix), as well as its hard-edged grand-type electric piano. This compact package also includes sounds from the M1 and the VOX organ, vintage tape-type string and flute machines, as well as other gorgeous sounds from keyboard history. Of course, these sounds can be played full-range like the originals that inspired them, either by using the onboard octave switch, or by connecting your choice of any MIDI-capable full-sized keyboard of choice. Each of these 128 programs are genuinely inspiring sounds, giving the MicroKorg XL+ plenty of variety to serve as your main keyboard or as a secondary keyboard in your rig. In addition, Korg has provided a total of 640 additional sounds, downloadable through the free Editor software, for free!MicroKorg XL featured a sound selector thatEven more vintage sounds, including the KORG SGproX piano, M1 and VOX organs and well-known Tape instruments128 onboard sounds, plus 640 additional sounds included with the Editor/Librarian for Mac and PC!New yet nostalgic – black panel new vintage designFeaturing MMT – the distillation of Korg’s analog modeling technologyVocoder with included gooseneck microphoneA powerful Kaoss effects engine – the kind of effects that you would expect from KorgKorg’s proprietary Natural Touch mini-keyboard, designed with an emphasis on playabilityBattery powered operation is supported for increased portability
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