Korg Arp Odyssey Module ARPMODULE1

Korg Arp Odyssey Module Rv1Korg Arp Odyssey Module Rv1
Since its debut in 1972, countless musicians have loved the ARP Odyssey. In 2015, with the advisory assistance of David Friend, co-founder of the ARP Instruments company, KORG resurrected the ARP ODYSSEY with a complete reproduction of the ARP ODYSSEYs original circuitry. The ARP sound was once again back in the hands of today’s musicians. Now, KORG has further broadened the reach of the ARP ODYSSEY in today’s world by releasing two new models, each of which pay homage to the Odysseys historic role in the development of amplified music. This is the Rev1, finished in a white chassis that recalls the absolute first iteration of the ARP ODYSSEY. The unique shape of the slider grips, their smooth operating feel and the layout of the switches all perfectly reproduce the layout of the original despite the compact module design.The ARP ODYSSEY Module is a keyboard-less ARP ODYSSEY with analog synthesis circuitry that completely reproduces the sound of the original. To fit in today’s DAW-centric music production environments, Korg supplies it in a more compact module form and equips it with a number of essential design features. The real ARP sound that transcends history is once again available to the world. By adding the ARP ODYSSEY Module to a setup, DAW users can enhance their production environment with powerful analog sound that cannot be obtained from any plug-in. You can connect the ARP ODYSSEY Module via MIDI to your favorite keyboard and play it to your heart’s content. In addition, the ARP ODYSSEY Module newly supports MIDI pitch bend.The ARP ODYSSEY is known best for its sharp and biting tone, and the rich possibilities of modulation that allow an incredible variety of sounds. The ARP ODYSSEY Module is equipped with the very same circuitry as the ARP ODYSSEY, which itself is a perfect replica of the original unit, developed under the supervision of the ARP Instruments company’s co-founder David Friend. Its module-type design inSynthesis2VCO. The duophonic design allows two different pitches to sound when you play two notes.The high degree of pitch stability for which the ARP ODYSSEY was remarkable in its time has been perfectly reproduced.Pitch is variable over a wide range of 20 Hz–2 kHz.Pitch modulation and pulse width modulation can be controlled.Oscillator sync provides sharp, great-sounding overtones extending into a high range.Noise generator provides two noise types: white and pink.Powerful LFO can be used as a modulation source for the oscillator or filter, or as a trigger source for sample & hold.The distinctive S/H MIXER lets you easily create sample & hold sounds by using the oscillator or noise generator as a source that’s triggered by the LFO or keyboard.Ring modulator generates metallic sounds with rich overtones.The three types of low-pass filter found on different production runs of the original ARP Odyssey are all provided. Wi
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