Kat Percussion Deluxe Electronic KT2-US

Kat Percussion Deluxe Electronic 5-Piece Drum KitKat Percussion Deluxe Electronic 5-Piece Drum Kit
The KAT KT2 is the ideal choice for the player who is looking for a digital drum set that features a broad set of features and the highest quality sounds at an exceptional price.The KT2 comes with over 450 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. In addition, there are 80 play-along tracks and 45 drum sets (30 preset drum kits and 15 more user-programmable kits) to fit any style.For an even greater experience, the KT2 has two additional trigger inputs, allowing the addition of an extra drum pad and/or cymbal.The USB Sound Module connects to a wide variety of devices and is equipped with a pair of 1/4-inch stereo output jacks, and input jack for connecting to an iPad or other MP3 player as well as MIDI and USB ports for digital recording or playback.The configuration features a three 9 dual-zone tom pads, a 9 dual-zone snare pad, 10-inch hi-hat, 14-inch ride and a 12-inch chokeable crash cymbal. The cymbal pads respond with a natural rebound. The kick tower has a 9-inch pad and a specially-engineered support structure that ensures the stability and familiar feel of a real bass drum. Also includes a soft stroke beater for quiet play of the bass drum.Over 500 studio-grade drum, cymbal and percussion soundsVelocity sensitive sounds for natural dynamic response45 Total Drum Sets; 30 preset drum kits plus 15 user programmable drum kits80 play-along tracks with recording abilityBuilt-in MIDI sound library, adjustable click track, mixer and sequencerIndividual pad controls, including volume, reverb, panning, pitch and EQLearning Mode builds speed, accuracy and enhances playing precisionUSB / MIDI output, 1/8 audio input for MP3 use, dual 1/4 output jacks, single 1/8 headphone jack and two trigger inputsPre-assembled, non-slip drum rack with easy out-of-the-box setup
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