Kala 3Koa-Cg Elite Concert Ukulele 3KOA-CG

Kala 3Koa-Cg Elite Concert Ukulele Gloss NaturalKala 3Koa-Cg Elite Concert Ukulele Gloss Natural
Kala use Solid Hawaiian Koa for this Elite concert model. A modern UV finishing process brings out the unique appearance of each instrument with incredible clarity. The UV finish is sprayed on in thin coats and uses far less material than a typical lacquered instrument. In essence, a UV finish is far less impactful to our environment than other finishes. It also keeps the instrument lightweight while providing a very hard durable finish. The Kala Elite instruments range from understated beauty to graceful appointments.The fret spacing, nut placement and saddle positioning are all calculated to give the Kala Elite ukulele the best intonation available on any ukulele on the planet. This in combination with the Kala 16:1 and 14:1 ratio tuners and fluorocarbon strings allow these ukes the freedom to play tunes… in tune. The concert and tenor feature a 1 1/2 fingerboard width and custom string spacing that gives your fingers extra room to navigate comfortably on the fretboard. The Honduran Mahogany neck has been contoured and tapered to fit in your hand smoothly, comfortably with plenty of access to low and high notes.The tops are built to resonate in symphony with the entire instrument. The braces are designed to reduce weight while giving the instrument proper strength and stability. The back is slightly arched to focus the sound up and out of the instrument. The Fluorocarbon strings provide a clear, bell-like sound. Kala use the string-through bridge string tying method. Instead of the string being tied on top of the bridge, the string is knotted at the end. This makes contact with the underside of the bridge thus transferring the string vibration more effectively to the top. This vibration transfer is key to allowing maximum resonance. In essence a Kala Elite Ukulele is created to be like an audio speaker cabinet – projecting sound, tone and musical nuance to the hearer.The WoodSolid Hawaiian Koa, long associated wiSize: ConcertTop: Solid Hawaiian KoaBack & Sides: Solid Hawaiian KoaFingerboard & Bridge: Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, Heel Cap and Headstock OverlayFingerboard Width: 1Ã?½Fret Position Markers: Oval PearlTuners: Kala Custom Tuners with Acacia ButtonsNut & Saddle: Graphtech TUSQ Nut & Bone SaddleStrings: Kala FluorocarbonFinish: UV High GlossIncludes hardshell case
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