Jodyjazz Dv Baritone Saxophone BARI DV 7*

Jodyjazz Dv Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Model 7* (.115 Tip)Jodyjazz Dv Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece Model 7* (.115 Tip)
The JodyJazz DV Series Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece combines knowledge from the past with proven innovations. The use of Golden Section Proportions, or Phi Proportions, between the facing, bore, and chamber are used to create an efficient mouthpiece with more harmonics and increased projection. These same proportions are found in the Stradivarius violins, Nautilus shell, and Egyptian Pyramids. This mouthpiece comes with cap and, ligature.Proven innovations like a secondary window and new facing curve have been adapted from the popular alto and tenor DV mouthpieces to the baritone. The secondary window allows sound waves to hit the vibrating reed and blast through the horn like a moving baseball being hit by a bat for a home run. The new facing design creates a reed with no dead spots resulting in an equal response throughout all registers. A big, broad tone with both an easy low range and amazing altissimo are also a benefit of the new facing. JodyJazz finds saxophonists that prefer a little brighter tone over traditional jazz mouthpieces like the DV most.Since the DV has a little more curve to the facing than usual, a slightly harder reed should be used. Harder reeds have an increased reed life and make playing in the altissimo easier.What Does The DV Do?Bigger Fatter ToneEffortless PlayingMore HarmonicsCleaner ArticulationPower and ProjectionUnbelievable AltissimoImproved IntonationHow Does The DV Do It?Secondary windowGolden section proportioningProprietary CNC facing technologyPerfect radius facing curvePerfect reed/Tip match24 kt heavy gold platingHand finished baffle, tip rail and tablePlay tested by Jody EspinaGolden proportions!New facing curveBig, broad toneComes with cap and ligature
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