Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced Software 1124-23

Izotope Ozone 7 Advanced Software DownloadIzotope Ozone 7 Advanced Software Download
Glue a mix together, control dynamic range, and add rich character with the critically acclaimed music production tools in Ozone Advanced, including the new Vintage EQ, Vintage Compressor, and Vintage Tape modules. Audition masters before rendering with the new Codec Preview. Apply Ozone Advanceds processing to mix busses, too, with individual plug-ins of all ten modules.Plus, both versions of Ozone include the Maximizer, the Dynamic EQ, the new Vintage Limiter, Export Formats, and more. Use Ozone as a plug-in or as a standalone application.Ozone 7 Advanced Only:Vintage TapeThe Vintage Tape module brings the distinctive richness and feel of tape saturation to your modern digital recordings with all the frequency coloration, distortion, and phase effects of tape. Take advantage of analog tone for masters that sound more musical with added dimension, fatness, and depth.Vintage CompressorThe Vintage Compressor module is a single-band feedback compressor for subtle warming and sweetening effects. Featuring program-dependent release times, the compressor tailors release shapes to adapt naturally to your music. Thicken the mid-range, tighten and round out the lows, let the top sparkle, and get authentic vintage character.Vintage EQWith the richness, musicality, and color of Pultec equalizers, Vintage EQ lets you brighten your master, smooth out heavy low end, and add body to your digital recordings. With discrete frequency value selections, you can bring a musical focus to your EQ approach. Use the boost and cut controls separately but at the same time! for a low-shelf that boosts first, then cuts, and then levels out to smoothly avoid making your mix sound boomy.Codec PreviewGet a real-time listen to how your master will sound when rendered with industry standard codecs with Codec Preview. Preview the sound of your encodedAll 10 Ozone modules are included as separate component plug-ins with Ozone AdvancedCreate your own signal path through a customizable signal chainAudition mix with Seamless Bypass mode engaged so you can gain-match bypassed audio to your Ozone processingView gain-staging across your mastering chain with Module Gain MetersSave time with a comprehensive Undo History, and quickly compare different settings with A/B toolsEach module offers relevant metering that informs mastering decisionsIncluded in Ozone 7 Advanced:Vintage Tape module inspired by the innovative Studer A810 tape machineVintage Limiter moduleVintage CompressorVintage EQUpdated Maximizer with IRC IVCodec PreviewMP3/AAC ExportDynamic EQEqualizer MaximizerDynamics Exciter Stereo Imaging 10 Component Plug-ins iZotope Insight Metering Plug-in Presets Dither
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