Ibanez Srff806 Multi-Scale Six-String SRFF806BKS

Ibanez Srff806 Multi-Scale Six-String Electric Bass Guitar Black StainedIbanez Srff806 Multi-Scale Six-String Electric Bass Guitar Black Stained
To the newcomer, the multi-scale concept may appear a bit unusual, but the biggest surprise may be how comfortable players become within a minute or two of playing the instrument. The different fret-to-bridge distances enhance tonality, creating a better sounding bass. Previously, these instruments were only available from boutique bass builders, but now Ibanez is proud to introduce the SRFF806 Multi-Scale bass at an affordable price.The goal of the multi-scale system is to give the better tension of each string. The tension helps to create a more aliveÃ?ÂÂ?, open tone. On the SRFF806, the scale length is 33.6Ã?ÂÂ? in. on the C-string side, expanding to 35.5 in. at the low B.Although the multi-scale neck can appear intimidating and unnatural, nothing could be further from the truth. When looking down at the neck from the players perspective, the exaggerated fret layout seems to almost disappear and actually feels quite normal. Its multi-scale frets ergonomically complement the angle of a player’s hand as it moves up and down the neck, facilitating quick, comfortable playing.The SRFF806 is a quality instrument designed for the experienced, seasoned musician. Its ash body is attached to a 5-piece jatoba/bubinga SRFF6 neck with a rosewood fretboard, medium frets and custom fretted inlays. The Mono-Rail V bridge is the perfect match for a multi-scale instrument, allowing for independent positioning of each strings mini-bridgeÃ?ÂÂ? section to providing excellent intonation and superior string vibration transference. Electronics include Bartolini BH1-5 pickups, for a full-range, warm, punchy tone, and a 3-band EQ with bypass switch and mid-frequency switch for complete sonic control.Neck: SRFF6 for Multi-Scale 5-piece Jatoba/Bubinga neckBody: AshFingerboard: RosewoodInlay: Custom Position Inlays for SRFFMedium fretsPickups: Bartolini BH1 neck and bridge puEQ: Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ with EQ bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot) and Mid frequency switchBridge: Mono-rail V bridgeHardware color: Cosmo black
Bass, Electric Bass, 6+ String Electric Bass Ibanez J19902.001 SRFF806BKS
Ibanez, 6+ String Electric Bass
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