Ibanez Rg Series Rg7421pb 7-String RG7421PBSBF

Ibanez Rg Series Rg7421pb 7-String Electric Guitar Flat Sapphire BlueIbanez Rg Series Rg7421pb 7-String Electric Guitar Flat Sapphire Blue
When the history of the solidbody 7-string is told, there is one brand that stands above the rest: Ibanez. While other guitar makers experimented halfheartedly, Ibanez committed its full efforts to the development and perfection of this instrument. Now, the Ibanez artist roster brims with the leaders of progressive and heavy metal 7-string players.The RG7421PB exemplifies an artist-driven development process and the guitar building expertise that it yields. Dressed in a refined poplar burl top, the mahogany-bodied RG7421PB sports a rosewood fingerboard for warm, yet well-defined tonality. As the originators of the thin, fast neck, the Wizard II-7 is yet another achievement in player comfort-resulting fretting hand fit that minimizes effort and maximizes your performance. Proprietary Quantum 7 pickups round out this metal mammoth with an entire palette of thick, distorted tone textures.Sapphire Blue Flat finish3pc Maple Wizard II-7 neckPoplar Burl top/ Mahogany bodyRosewood fingerboardPearl dot inlayJumbo fretsQuantum 7 neck pickupQuantum 7 bridge pickupFixed 7 bridgeBlack hardwareCase sold separately
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