Ibanez Premium Sr1300e 4 String Bass SR1300ENTF

Ibanez Premium Sr1300e 4 String Bass Natural FlatIbanez Premium Sr1300e 4 String Bass Natural Flat
Reviewers have been singing the praises of the SR Premium basses since their introduction in 2011. Designed for the working pro, these instruments incorporate many high-end features and components without the boutique price tag. The SR1300E is one of the latest examples of what makes the SR Premium models such an outstanding value.The SR1300E is a stylish 4-string bass that begins with a beautiful Ash and Walnut top/Mahogany body combination that produces a robust, full balanced tone. Features include a 5-piece Wenge/Bubinga Atlas-4 neck for superior stability and a rosewood fretboard with striking abalone oval inlays.Sustain and string vibration are optimized by the innovative Mono-Rail V bridge system and super-smooth, hand-crimped medium fretsfinished with the Premium Fret Edge Treatmentmake this handsome bass as enjoyable to play, as it is to look at.For electronics, the SR1300E comes loaded with two Nordstrand Big Single pickups. Designed to create a full, aggressive sound, Big Singles produce a powerful low-end without sacrificing the articulation associated with single coil pickups. Additional sound shaping is provided by an Ibanez Ibanez Custom Electronics EQ.Equalization controls include a 3-band active EQ with a bypass switch and a mid frequency switch for the ultimate in tone management. When the EQ bypass is activated, the treble tone control knob becomes the global tone control for the passive circuit.
Bass, Electric Bass, 4 String Electric Bass Ibanez J27990.001 SR1300ENTF
Ibanez, 4 String Electric Bass
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