Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Tube TM18H

Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Tube Guitar Amp HeadHughes & Kettner Tubemeister 18 Tube Guitar Amp Head
For the TubeMeister 18W Tube Guitar Amp Head, Mr. Hughes and Herr Kettner packed all their know-how and over a quarter of a centurys passion for tube amps into a remarkably compact chassis. Thanks to German engineering, it can go from a roar to a whisper, shaking the boards on stage, tingling spines in the studio, and raising goose-bumps in the still of night – even during silent recording.Serving up three different sounds at the touch of a footswitch, the soulful Tube-Meister 18 is the go-to guitar amp for gigging. Its four-step power soak brings the sound of the big stage into small clubs and your own four walls. And courtesy of the built-in Red Box and silent recording capability, you can lay down pro-quality tracks at any time day or night.Warm tube tone with phenomenal dynamic range that sweeps from sparkling clean to throaty crunchHarmonically rich tube distortion and the gain reserves to go from edgy overdrive to soaring lead soundsRe-voices LEAD to summon modern high-gain sound that pairs plenty of punch with endless sustainPassive voicing section tweaked to evoke the best frequency response out of each channelPreamp section sporting two 12AX7 tubesPush-pull power amp that pumps out stage-approved 18 wattsOversized transformers with tons of headroomTSC-protected power amp featuring auto-bias and status LEDFootswitch connection enabling remote channel switching and BOOST actuationSerial FX loop for adding effects-flavored spice to the sonic stewQuad-stage power soak with silent recording capabilityBalanced RED BOX OUT with authentic speaker emulation
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