Gemeinhardt Model 3 Black Intermediate 3OB-BLK

Gemeinhardt Model 3 Black Intermediate Flute Outfit Offset G, B FootGemeinhardt Model 3 Black Intermediate Flute Outfit Offset G, B Foot
The BLK Series 3OB-BLK intermediate flute is modeled after the Gemeinhardt 3OB intermediate flute. It has Gemeinhardt’s signature special black nickel-coated finish with silver-plated open-hole keys, and a solid silver lip and riser. What a sharp-looking instrument. It also comes with a B footjoint that offers the specifications many teachers recommend for a student ready to purchase their first step-up flute. This BLK Series intermediate flute is created after one of the most popular step-up flutes offered today. The B footjoint creates a longer tube allowing a greater resonance.Here’s the scenario: you have a committed student with a fierce sense of individuality, and he or she has outstripped the capacities of a student instrument. The solution is right here. Beautiful, striking and a joy to hear and to play. This outfit comes with case, cleaning rod and other care products.
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