Gear One Pa2400 Kustom Kpc12 Pa PA2400KPC12

Gear One Pa2400 Kustom Kpc12 Pa PackageGear One Pa2400 Kustom Kpc12 Pa Package
This complete PA package includes a pair of Kustom KPC12 12 Loudspeakers, the Gear One PA2400 8-Channel Mixer, four Gear One MV1000 Dynamic Microphones, four XLR mic cables, two Ã?¼ speaker cables, and two standard speaker stands. KPC12 12 Loudspeaker The Kustom KPC12 12 PA Speaker Cabinet with Horn uses a specially voiced crossover to ensure clear separation of frequencies for crisp, full-range reproduction. A 12 woofer delivers deep low frequencies, while a 6 x 12 horn produces bright high-end tones. The Kustom KPC12 PA Speaker Cabinet has 2 parallel input jacks, sturdy construction with reinforced corners and a heavy-duty Tolex covering.PA2400 8-Channel MixerThe Gear One PA2400 features two 400W amps that can be directed to left/right mains, mains/monitors, or bridged for an 800W mono. Each amp is plenty for powering most 15 two-way speakers. If you need a system with rock band club capability, the PA2400 has plenty of juice to handle the gig.Each channel is equipped with a three-band EQ and FX/aux level, as well as a pan knob and a monitor level. Another feature of the PA2400 mixer is a pair of seven-band graphics, one for each amp. These make a huge difference because when you use monitors, they often need a completely different EQ profile than the mains. Having a dedicated monitor EQ lets you get more volume out of your monitors while avoiding feedback.It features 24-bit FX processing with 100 preset selections including combinations of reverb, delay, echo, chorus, flanger, and rotary FX, each with variable parameters. Dialing up a preset couldn’t be easier. You simply turn a knob until the preset’s number shows in the display, and then press the knob to select it. The PA2400 has separate FX level controls for mains and monitors, and also provides a jack for connecting a footswitch that turns the FX on or off remotely.Portable and ergonomically designed, with weKPC12 12 Loudspeaker 12 woofer for deep bass tones6 x 12 horn for shimmering highsSpecially voiced internal crossover provides superb separation of frequenciesRecessed handle1-3/8 polemountPA2400 8-Channel MixerTwo 400W power ampsAssignable power output (monitors and/or mains)Eight inputsBuilt-in 24-bit FXDual 7-band EqualizersMonitor send per channelMV1000 Dynamic MicrophoneRugged constructionExcellent presence and intelligibilityHandsome stylingProfessional quality
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