Eventide Eventide Space Reverb & Beyond 1143-041

Eventide Eventide Space Reverb & Beyond StompboxEventide Eventide Space Reverb & Beyond Stompbox
The Space from Eventide presents an unprecedented collection of reverb algorithms combined with delays, pitch shifting, tremolo, modulation, and special effects in a compact pedal.Space features 12 of Eventide’s signature reverb combination effects taken from the H8000FW and Eclipse V4, along with some startling new magic! These unique effects, previously available only in Eventide rack processors, are now available in a compact, roadworthy pedal.12 of Eventide’s Signature Reverb Combo AlgorithmsRoomPlateSpringHallReverseShimmerModEchoVerbDualVerbBlackholeMangledVerbTremoloVerbDynaVerbWide variety of spatial effects including basic reverbs, delays, and unique combination effectsStudio-quality soundCompatible with any source material – solo instruments, drums, vocals, or complete mixesSoftware upgradable via USB 2.0MIDI control via USB or MIDI in/out/thruInstant program changeRealtime control with 10 knobs, MIDI, or optional expression pedalTap tempo and MIDI clock sync100 factory presets, unlimited through MIDITrue analog bypassRugged, cast metal constructionReliable metal footswitches for instant preset accessMono or stereo operationGuitar or line level inputs and outputsProgrammable HotSwitch
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