Engl Metalmaster 20W Tube Guitar Amp E 309

Engl Metalmaster 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head With ReverbEngl Metalmaster 20W Tube Guitar Amp Head With Reverb
The Engl MetalMaster 20 head offers 20W of tube-flavored brutality built specifically for the heavy riffing and shredding solos that the metal gods demand. Featuring two channels (clean and lead), a switchable FX loop, built-in reverb, a mid-scoop switch for extra brutality, this little beast delivers the goods without overloading you with knobs and switches or backache. Plus, with power attenuation from 20W to 5W to 1W or speaker mute for silent recording, this potent, portable combo is just as capable on the stage, the studio or in bedroom practice. Whether you’re into a ’70s hard rock, ’80s shred, modern-day drop tuning or anything in between, the MetalMaster handles it with ease.Power: 20W (tube)Tubes: two 12AX7 (preamp); two EL84 (power amp)Attenuation: 20W, 5W, 1W, speaker muteTwo channelsSingle inputImpedance: 8, 16 ohmsControls: 3-band EQ, clean gain, lead gain, lead volume, master, reverb, mid scoop, clean lead boostBuilt-in reverbSwitchable FX loopFrequency-compensated balanced line outMade in Germany
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