Egnater Tweaker Series Head And Tweaker KIT – 424080

Egnater Tweaker Series Head And Tweaker 112X Half StackEgnater Tweaker Series Head And Tweaker 112X Half Stack
The ultracompact 15W Egnater Tweaker amp head is all-tube amazing. The Egnater head serves up unique and sophisticated all-tube tone with seemingly endless variations via onboard Tweaker selector switches. Powered by a pair of 6V6 power tubes, the Egnater Tweaker is a perfect choice for a gigging micro amp. The amp head’s gain, EQ, and master sections each have a Tweaker switch providing a wide range of tones from the ultra smooth and satisfying to fully over-saturated for playing leads.Hidden inside the Egnater Tweaker head is a vast array of tones not usually found in amps with such a compact design. Each of the 5 toggle switches on the front changes the head’s character. The Tight and Bright switches shape the low and high end from soft and smooth to punchy and aggressive. The Gain switch goes from sparkly clean to an all-out high-gain assault. The EQ switch selects from pristine American to classic Brit and even the illusive VX AC sound. The Classic/Modern voicing switch delivers either soft and smooth or hard and edgy power tube tone. It’s all in there to satisfy the ultimate Tweaker.Egnater’s matching Tweaker 112X partially open-back cab boasts birch-ply construction. Egnater loads it with a Celestion G12H-30 speaker for vintage sound.Cool blue pilot lightAC power switchStandby switchVintage/modern switchMasterUSA/AC/Brit switchTone controlsTweaker tone control circuitsUSA/AC/Brit switch tone controlsClean/hotGainMasterBright/normal setting switchDeep/tightInput jackEffects loopImpedance switchMain speaker outputExtension speaker connection250ma fast-blow fuseAC voltage selectorAC inlet and fuse1x12 extension cabinetCelestion G12H-30 speaker30W RMS handlingPartial open-back designVoid-free, birch-ply construction
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