Dw Machined Chain Drive Double DWCPMCD2

Dw Machined Chain Drive Double PedalDw Machined Chain Drive Double Pedal
Building on the success of the MDD�® Machine Direct Drive Pedal, the Machined Chain Drive (or MCD�®) is a boutique pedal that shares many of the patented features, industrial design and build-quality of its direct-drive cousin. The most striking difference is an adjustable, sprocket-less cam that incorporates a gear shift-style lever. The lever allows players to quickly shift between the most popular chain-drive cam settings and is easily accessible when mounted to a bass drum. Other notable features include a racing-style, all-aluminum, perforated footboard with matching, contoured heel plate, patented Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe-Clamp, V.E.R.T. Vertical Spring Adjustment, patented 110 Control Beater and more. Also includes a DW carrying case.Solid aluminum constructionMachined chain drive camOptimized Fulcrum Geometry linkagePerforated footboard with countoured heel plateInterlocking Delta hingeThreaded Bearing Technology (TBT) in the drive linkage and camTri-pivot swivel toe clamp
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