Ddrum Reflex Rally Sport 4-Piece REFLEX RS 422 BLK CRM

Ddrum Reflex Rally Sport 4-Piece BlackDdrum Reflex Rally Sport 4-Piece Black
A great for the gigging drummer, the ddrum Rally Sport is made up of 6-ply (8-ply kick), 100% alder shells for a ddrum twist to the classic club date setup. Not a compact or cocktail kit, the Rally Sport has a 22 x 14 in. bass drum with matching wood hoops. It also features a 14 x 5-1/2 in. snare, tune it up for crack, tune it down for depth, its a size that can handle it all. The mounted tom is 12 x 8 in and is paired with a 16 x 14 in. floor tom on legs.Hardware includes 2.3mm triple-flanged hoops, unique face off style lugs and Fixt-pitch suspended tom mounts for increased resonance. The kick drum is fitted with Resolifts and combined with lightweight gull-wing spurs. The 12 and 16 in. tonal spread of the toms is proven to be a classic compromise between a punchy rack tom, and a growling, punchy floor tom. Cymbals and and hardware sold separately.ConfigurationBass Drum(s):22 x 14 in.Tom(s):12 x 8 in.Floor Tom(s):16 x 16 in.Snare:14 x 5-1/2 in.Total Pieces:4Hardware:Not ApplicableCymbals:Not ApplicableShellsShell Material:AlderConstruction:6-PlyThickness (mm):Info Not AvailableBearing Edge:45�°Reinforcement Ring:Not ApplicableDrum HardwareMaterial:SteelMounts:SuspendedHoops:Triple-flangeLugs:ProprietaryOtherHeads:FactoryFinish Type:WrapCountry of Origin:Taiwan
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