Ddrum Journeyman2 Series Player 5-Piece J2P 522 SILVER SPKL-K

Ddrum Journeyman2 Series Player 5-Piece Drum Kit With 22 In. Bass Drum Silver SparkleDdrum Journeyman2 Series Player 5-Piece Drum Kit With 22 In. Bass Drum Silver Sparkle
Journeyman’s range of choices begins at a very solid square one with ddrum’s Player configuration. The toms pitch spread is pleasingly wide and usable. Combined with this street sweeper of a bass drum, and a snare drum that cracks with authority, you can’t go wrong! The shells are crafted from blended birch and basswood for focused tone and satisfying low end. The black hardware is powder-coated and die-cast hybrid lugs ensure a reliable tune.Experience Journeyman while you can. Cymbals sold separately.Configuration Bass drum(s): 22 x 18 Tom(s): 10 x 7, 12 x 8 Floor tom(s): 16 x 14 Snare: 13 x 7 Total pieces: 5Extras Cymbals: Not Applicable Total cymbals: 0 Hardware: Yes Bass pedal(s): Yes Hi-hat stand: Yes Boom stand(s): Yes Straight stand(s): Yes Throne: Not Applicable Hardware pieces: 5Shells Shell material: Blended Construction: Multi-ply Thickness (mm): Info Not Available Bearing edge: 45Drum Hardware Material: Steel Mounts: Traditional Hoops: Info Not Available Lugs: StandardOther Heads: Factory Finish type: Wrap Origin country: China
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