Ddrum Hybrid 5-Piece Player Shell HYBRID 5 PLAYER – KIT

Ddrum Hybrid 5-Piece Player Shell PackDdrum Hybrid 5-Piece Player Shell Pack
A variation on the original Hybrid 6, the ddrum Hybrid Acoustic-Electric 5-piece shell pack features drums crafted from birch and outfitted with internal triggers. The acoustic birch shells produce a focused tone with punchy, bright attack. The dual kick drums and snare boast 8-ply construction, while the toms offer 6-ply construction.As mentioned, this fully functional acoustic drum set that has been augmented with ddrum Acoustic Pro triggers. These triggers provide a wide dynamic range, easily replaceable transducers, rugged metal construction and increased sensitivity for accurate response. They are shock mounted to the interior of the drum, with your cable plugging into the shells’ integrated XLR connections. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and replacement.These drums have a satin finish accented by powder-coated lugs and triple-flange hoops. Also includes a tom arm and clamp for mounted toms.Cymbals and additional hardware sold separately.Configuration Bass Drum(s): 22 x 18 Tom(s): 10 x 7, 12 x 8 Floor Tom(s): 16 x 14 Snare: 14 x 6 Total Pieces: 4 Hardware: Not Applicable Cymbals: Not ApplicableShells Shell Material: Birch Construction: Multi-ply Thickness (mm): Info Not Available Bearing Edge: 45 Reinforcement Ring: Not ApplicableDrum Hardware Material: Steel Mounts: Suspended Hoops: Triple-flange Lugs: StandardOther Heads: Factory Finish Type: Satin Country of Origin: China
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