Dangerous Music Source Portable Monitor SOURCE

Dangerous Music Source Portable Monitor ControllerDangerous Music Source Portable Monitor Controller
The Dangerous Source provides the critical link between your ears and the music. Every tracking and mixing decision hinges upon what you hear: how to locate the microphone’s sweet spot for the perfect vocal, where to place the panning to define each instrument’s space, or creating the perfect marriage of kick and bass in a track. Use the built-in headphone amp on the front of Source to connect up to two pairs of headphones to discretely monitor any of the four selectable sources either individually or at the same time. Plug an iPod into AN2 and jam along with your favorite music through AN1. Listen to any combination of sources from either section. For example, let the singer hear his or her own personal headphone mix from the AN2 input, while you engineer the real mix, coming from the USB input. There’s even a line level control room output, mirroring the speaker selector for dubbing, sampling or running external meters.Portable or rack installable (kit optional)2 Speaker outputs – can be engagned simultaneouslyHeadphones can monitor single or multiple sources2 Analog inputs: 1/8 mini stereo & XLR/TRS combo jack2 Onboard stereo 24-bit/192kHz D/A convereters2 Digital inputs: AES/SPDIF and USBUSB IN, up to 24-bit/192kHz for Windows and Mac
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