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Celemony Melodyne 4 StudioCelemony Melodyne 4 Studio
Celemony’s Melodyne is one of the most widely used pitch correction softwares in the world, and now it’s getting even better. Melodyne has always excelled at editing pitch, timing and tempo of a wide range of audio sources, and now with version 4, it does it better than ever. This is the most extensive update to the Melodyne family since its release. Highlights include the Sound Editor with its totally new sound design possibilities, DNA Direct Note Access at last, on an unlimited number of tracks and ultra-accurate tempo detection. The smaller Melodyne editions editor, assistant and essential have also been enhanced.Melodyne 4 studio offers you all Melodyne functions for both correction and creative applications on an unlimited number of tracks. You can edit the sound and musical content of your recordings in such an intuitive manner or make such far-reaching changes with no other audio tool.New soundscapes with the Sound EditorWith the Sound Editor in Melodyne 4 studio, you can edit the sound of your recordings just like your music in a more musical, detailed and inspiring way. From the subtle enhancement of envelopes and timbres to the manipulation of overtones, re-synthesis and radical experiments in sound design.Melodyne recognizes the notes and their overtones also a decisive advantage when it comes to sound processing. While conventional equalizers only act upon fixed frequencies, Melodyne adapts to the audio material itself. Adjust the level of individual overtones within each track, shape the basic sound of each instrument, relate the timbre or envelope of each note to its pitch, bring out the character of each sound source. The results are novel acoustically, often unique, invariably invigorating yet the Sound Editor is intuitive and lends itself easily to creative use.Multitrack Note EditingAlgorithmsPolyphonic (DNA Direct Note Access) Piano, guitar, string quartet, etc.Melodic Lead vocals, bass guitar, saxophone, etc.Percussive Drums, percussion, drum loops, etc.Universal Complex, polyphonic material without DNA Direct Note Access ToolsMain Tool Pitch center, position, length, note separations Pitch Pitch center, pitch transitionsVibrato Intensity/direction of vibrato and trills Pitch drift Intensity/direction of pitch drift Formants Shift formants, control formant transitions Amplitude Control the amplitude of notes, amplitude transitions, muting Timing Control the position, length and quantization of notesTime handles Vary the pace of developments within a noteAttack speed Control the starting transients and percussiveness of notes Note separation Insert, delete and move note separations FunctionsMulti-tracking and Multitrac
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