Brian May Guitars Brian May Signature BMW-REDLH

Brian May Guitars Brian May Signature Left-Handed Electric GuitarBrian May Guitars Brian May Signature Left-Handed Electric Guitar
The Brian May Signature Left-Handed features an acoustically chambered mahogany body, a dual truss rod mahogany neck, and ebony fingerboard. The pickups are Tri-Sonics that Brian sealed in Araldite adhesive to prevent microphonic feedback inherent with metal covered pickups. These are controlled by the original Brian May switching system with individual on/off and phase switches, one volume and one tone pot. Faithful to the spirit of Brian’s original ‘Red Special’, an instrument that has achieved iconic status and a unique place in rock history, and designed by Brian May himself, the Brian May Special is a stunning guitar, blessed with superb build quality, awesome playability and an astonishingly rich diversity of killer tones. In fact, it delivers everything you’d expect from an instrument built to the exacting standards of one of the world’s great guitarists but, in keeping with Brian’s vision of a guitar for the people, with an amazingly affordable price-tag that belies its’ superior appointments and performance. Includes gig bag. Without question one of the most eagerly anticipated instruments of the century, the original BMG replica was originally launched in winter 2001 to rapturous critical and public acclaim… UK Guitarist magazine hailed it as Best Guitar of The Year and theater audiences around the globe thrilled to the guitar’s sound in performance in the Queen musical We Will Rock You. But the story certainly didn’t end there. Brian, his long-standing guitar, technician Pete Malandrone and House Music have significantly improved upon the guitar’s overall construction as well as refining the bridge assembly, electronics, finishing and color choices. Simply put, one of the finest artist-designed production guitars is now even better. Case sold separately.Left-handed version Mahogany body (with acoustic chamber), Pinstripe binding, two-piece scratchplate Mahogany neck, 24 scale (Depth: 22mm at 1st Fret – 24mm at 12th Fret) 24 fret, Ebony fingerboard (Width: 45mm at 0 Fret – 57mm at 24th Fret) Grover GH305 locking tuners, Dual truss rod, Graphite nut, New bridge, brass saddles, Brian May custom tremolo arm 3 x Burns Tri-Sonic pickups (series wired) Master volume/tone controls Original BM switching system: Individual pickup in/out phase Individual pickup on/off
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