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Blue Ella Planar Magnetic HeadphoneBlue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphone
Ella combines the transparent detail of planar magnetic drivers with the impact of dynamic technology to deliver a detailed listening experience with immense emotional impact. Ella maximizes the sound of your music with advanced planar magnetic drivers, a built-in audiophile amplifier and large, high-capacity cabinets. The revolutionary ergonomic fit ensures optimal sound isolation and comfort for the most immersive listening experiences. Whether youre listening to the Zeppelin reissue box sets, Pink Floyd on 180-gram vinyl, remastered Verve and Blue Note sessions, Deutsche Grammophon vintage vinyl, Radiohead collectors editions or Neil Young on high- resolution digital, Ellas radical design lets you hear new detail in your favorite music. Built-in Audiophile AmpA high-fidelity headphone experience has traditionally required a quality set of headphones of course, but also an outboard headphone amp. Intensive classical or jazz listening has always required proximity to the amp, which in turn is typically tethered to the media players. Not anymore. The Blue Ella has an audiophile-level amp built right in. Blues custom-matched drivers reproduce crystal-clear audio from all your devices.The Importance of FitBlue reimagined what headphones should look and sound like. Everything from the multi-jointed design to the earcups delivers revolutionary form and functionality. Ordinary headphones have the same spring-loaded headband youve seen a million times. Ellas unique multi-jointed headband was inspired by the finely tuned suspension of Formula One racecars. It is elegant and comfortable, and adapts to a variety of head shapes and sizes. This innovative design creates a perfect seal around your ear, resulting in powerful bass response, improved isolation and reduced sound bleed. TypeEar coupling:Closed back, circumauralPrimary application:Listening for pleasureSecondary application:Tracking, mixingBluetooth:NoAudioFrequency response (TX):20Hz – 20kHzMax SPL:94 dBDriver sizePlanar magneticNoise cancelling:Sealed with dampeningOtherWeight:481 gCable type:Straight, coiledLength:1.2 m, 3.9 ft.Connector:3.5 mm, 1/4 Built-in mic:No
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