Bellafina Roma Series Violin Outfit 3/4 BRVIR1034OF

Bellafina Roma Series Violin Outfit 3/4 SizeBellafina Roma Series Violin Outfit 3/4 Size
While creating the European Roma Series violins and violas, Bellafina couldn’t pass up an opportunity to take it to another level. The result is the limited edition Roma Select Series of instruments. Special hand-selected Carpathian spruce adorns the Roma Select tops, and the backs are upgraded to European flamed maple. This subtle combination makes a noticeable difference in richer sound and more even tone throughout.The Roma Select violin sound is pure and strong above the 3rd position G-string but not overly bright in the upper range of the E-string. Bellafina used an ebony tailpiece with black and gold Hill E Adjustor for excellent tuning stability, then added an enhanced French bridge for strength and utilize parchment placement over the E-string slot to keep it from creating any wear damage. The upgraded octagonal bow features a fully lined frog.This already outstanding instrumentships with Tonica strings – Europe’s top-selling synthetic core string. It contains a nylon core that allows the string to produce a full and lively, well-rounded sound across all four strings. They respond easily to any bowing style and provide a musical sound that your audience will fully appreciate.Select woodsQuality stringsQuality case and bow
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